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Dishwasher Maintenance Tips
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Don’t pre rinse dishes before placing them inside the dishwasher. 

Modern dishwashers do a great job cleaning even heavily soiled dishes. Do scrape off food and empty liquids, then the dishwasher will do the rest.
To save energy:

- Wash only full loads, because your dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether its half full or completely full.
- Use energy saving cycles whenever possible 

Dishwasher Water Temperature

Hot water is needed for best washing and drying results. The water has to be at least 120 degrees F. To make sure that the water entering your dishwasher is hot enough turn on hot water faucet nearest to your dishwasher several minutes to clear cool water from the pipes. Hold a meat thermometer in stream of water to check the temperature. If the temperature is below 120 F, have a qualified person raise the hot water heater thermostat. 

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips
Your refrigerator is probably one of the most important appliances in your home, and most likely the most expensive one too. This is why it’s important to take good care of it. Here are some useful maintenance tips from Appliance Repair Smyrna, GA. 

Keep your refrigerator’s condenser coils clean. 

This is the most important things to maintain on you fridge. If the coils are covered with dirt, this will cut down on the refrigerators operating efficiency. Dusty coils will cause the compressor to run hotter than it normally should. Leading to bigger problems, like reducing your fridges life span, and a higher electric bill. So make sure to clean those condenser coils, they are usually located under or behind your unit.

Don’t keep your refrigerator’s temperature setting too low. 

If you do so, it will have to run more to cool to a lower temp. Its going to lead to you paying way more than you should to keep your groceries cold.

Don’t place hot foods in your fridge.

If you have leftovers let them cool to room temperature before putting them in your refrigerator. This will cut down on the amount of warm air inside your refrigerator and save some run time on the compressor.

Don’t stand infront of your refrigerator with the door open. 

Every time you open your fridge, warm air enters and cold air escapes. Then the refrigerator kicks on and has to cool down the warm air left inside. The only thing that you can control is how long you stand there and let this happen. A useful tip would be to make sure to always replace the light bulbs inside your unit, because if you can’t see in your refrigerator, your just going to stand there with the door open longer.

Oven / Range Maintenance Tips
Cleaning your oven regularly is important. 

Once a month you should run your oven on the self-cleaning cycle. Also clean around the oven door and door seal area, because the self clean does not cover these areas. Before putting your oven in self clean mode make sure to remove large chunks of food, because during that mode your oven reaches over 800 degrees and if there are large chunks inside your oven then may catch on fire and create a lot of smoke. After your oven has cooled from self cleaning, take a wet cloth and remove ashes from inside oven. Then line your oven with foil once its clean, this will help the oven stay cleaner longer.

Keep the Surface Burners Clean. 

Use foil under the stove top, because this is where the worst mess forms from spills and daily use. Its better to just replace your old drip pans than trying to clean them. Drip pans are fairly standard and cheap to replace. 

Washer Maintenance Tips
Never over load your washer. 

Filling the washer past its recommended fill capacity, will damage your unit. This will cause the washers belt to slip or break. 

Use the correct amount of detergent. 

If you use more detergent than recommend you will not get your clothes clean. Most new machines can not handle too much detergent, they will not be able to drain it properly and you will end up with too many sudes in the wash water. 

Turn off the water to your washing machine when your not using it. 

This will prevent water pressure strain on the hoses. Leaks usually come from broken or torn washer hoses. So you should occasionally check your hoses to make sure they are not bend or have bulges in them.

Clean the fabric softener dispenser. 

Fabric softeners are waxy and can gum up in you washing machine so to prevent this, mix them with water before use. When using fabric softener, add the recommended amount then top it off with water. 

Dryer Maintenance Tips
Clean lint filter. 

Your lint filter should be cleaned out before every load you put in your dryer. If you lint filter gets clogged, the dryer will not dry properly, and this will increase the amount of time to dry your clothes. 

Do not overfill your dryer.

When you overfill your dryer it causes pressure on the motor and belt. Also, if you cram clothes in your dryer the air inside will not circulate properly and you clothes will take forever to dry, or not dry at all. 


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